Probably my favorite build to date as it brings a wide range of advantages to the battlefield. This build utilizes acid primers, Area of Effect damage bursts, and an incredibly fast ult builder. The play style is quick and close to medium range combat with “Viper’s Bite” and “Serpent’s Veil” but does well in Grandmaster 1 and 2 with 4 / 5 Masterwork components.

Assault System (Serpent’s Veil)

Serpent’s Veil is an upgraded Venom Bomb which comes with an ACID buff when you defeat a target with your melee. This is important because you will want to get this buff up BEFORE using your Serpent’s Veil.

Strike System (Viper’s Bite)

Viper’s Bite is an upgraded venom spray which comes with a buff to how fast you can build your ULT. (700%)! The key here is trying to make sure you get as many targets in each of your spray attacks. This attack will be buffed by your venom bomb (Serpent’s Veil) and Mauler’s venom buff. (100% acid damage)


Conductive Lattice provides an additional AoE burst when you begin to melee your first target and after your Acid sequence.

Talisman of power and Way of the swift buff each other. If you bomb first, your spray will hit harder (ideal order) and if you spray first your bomb will tick for more. This is on top of all previous buffs that should be rolling.

Way of Integration adds an additional 30% damage after you land both bomb and spray. This usually means your melee follow up is what gets buffed.

The last component can be a flex spot with a few good options.

Support System (Target Beacon)

Target Beacon is always a great choice but a MUST have for this build. Reducing resistances is another way to buff your damage. Ideally apply this before you engage any acid attacks.

Rotation Priority / Order

Melee Defeat 1 target = GAIN “Mauler’s Venom” Buff for 10 seconds (100% increased Acid Damage)

Target Beacon = reduce resistance to Acid attacks

Viper’s Bite (Venom Spray) = builds Ult based off how many targets you hit. Hits very hard at this point because your components buffed your Viper’s bite by an additional 50%.

Serpent’s Veil (Venom Bomb) to prime, debuff and add DoTs

Melee targets to gain combo crit damage and apply the AoE charge from conductive lattice while also gaining 30% damage for 5 seconds from Way of Integration component.

In regards to weapons and bonus roll effects. Weapons will be a personal choice in play style. I personally find the “Thunderbolt of Yvenia” and “Avenging Herald” quite powerful in most situations.

Ideal Bonus rolls on gear would be anything that buffs ACID damage, Gear Damage, Ult Damage, with less benefits coming from gear speed and charge.

I hope you enjoy this build! Good luck out there Freelancers!