The patch comes March 12.

A recently discovered Anthem bug gives players with only a basic weapon much more firepower than higher level weapons. Developer BioWare says they are working on a fix.

The bug was discovered by Reddit-user YeetLordSupreme, who did tests with a standard Defender Rifle and discovered that it brought down enemies faster than a level 45 Masterwork Ralner’s Blaze Rifle.

The Redditor reports that although the high level weapon shows larger damage numbers on the screen, it was the standard weapon that needed fewer bullets to take down the same enemy.

Later, a BioWare community manager reported on the thread, confirming that the bug was related to combining high level gear with the standard loadouts and that the team is working on a fix. Anthems Lead Producer Ben Irving confirmed via his Twitter that the Defender fix is ​​part of the upcoming patch on 12 March.

This will not be the first patch for Anthem. Last week a loot update came out, which attempted to implement a number of fans’ suggestions in the loot system.