Posted by u/VSParagon

This is a guide to help you get the drops you want as fast as possible. Before I begin I will mention one step that you should take immediately, start saving gear for a +Harvest set. I have over 100 hours played and have experimented with all the non-exploit methods for obtaining loot, here are my findings:


This section only applies to skills for your Javelin that you do not have in your inventory.

So let’s start with the obvious. If you want new skill masterworks you should be running strongholds on GM1. Tyrant mines is the usual favorite and I can’t disagree, although Heart of Rage is a contender with a well optimized group.

The reasoning is obvious, on GM1 you’re guaranteed a skill masterwork off the final boss. People rightfully avoid GM2-3 because they increase enemy HP by ~3-6x compared to GM1 but only offer 2-3x the guaranteed drops. The reality of “optimal difficulty” for Strongholds is actually quite messy, since quite a bit of the time spent is not dependent on difficulty (traveling, load screens, defending the final relic in Tyrant mines)… but the simple answer is that by the time you’re strong enough to make GM2 more efficient than GM1 for loot, this section should no longer apply to you since you should have all the MW skills for your class.

TL;DR: If you haven’t had a Masterwork Skill drop, run GM1 on Tyrant mines until you get it.

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