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Guild Promotion:

Every Anthem Guild / Clan is allowed to promote their clan in this thread ONCE a week. We will allow links in this channel to your own website, Facebook group, Discord, etc.

Important information to add when you're promoting:
- Let people know what platform your guild will be playing on: PC, XBOX One, PS4 or perhaps all of them.
- Let them know how to join your Guild (a link to your Discord, website, etc.)
- Perhaps describe any requirements (such as activity, age, or what you expect to be playing most as your Guild. For example strongholds, hardcore gaming, or perhaps a more relaxed playstyle and just playing together for fun)
- A good thing to add is the current size of your guild / clan, to give people an idea on how big the group is that they're joining.

We as AGC staff will monitor the thread closely to see if members stick to the above mentioned rules. Promoting more often than once a week may result in a ban from this channel.

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