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Stream can be found here (note: everything on stream is done with the new update we’ll be receiving on the 12th):

Summary of the developer stream in order of discussion:

Next patch will have a lot of crash fixes and is scheduled for March 12th.

In all instances of the PS4’s hard crashing they’ve discovered the PS4 CAN be powered back on.

The Level 1 Defender rifle is doing too much damage, it’s a bug, it’s being fixed (and is an easy fix.)

In the upcoming patch you’ll be able to start Expedition as if you were in a group from anywhere in Fort Tarsis.

They’re still monitoring inscriptions and drop rates.

GM2 and GM3 don’t feel as rewarding as they’d like them to be right now, it’s being looked into.

Crashing into the ground from things like running into walls or Overheating will no longer have as long of a recovery animation when landing for Colossus (unconfirmed if this is the case for all Javelins.)

There are around 300 changes in the upcoming patch notes, sometimes 5 changes can equate to 1 patch note.

The crash and stability team is currently focusing on console crashes, but they are looking into PC as well.

Many improvements have been made to Quickplay backfilling (i.e. loading into dead missions) – they’ve fixed what they know about and hopefully that is all or at least most of them.

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