The Interceptor is a quick and agile javelin with a fast-paced play style. A majority of your combat as an interceptor will be up close and personal while using movement to your advantage.

Flanking targets is your specialty but knowing how to balance combat and evading is the key to shining as an interceptor. Stay in too long, and you’ll put your group down a player while potentially needing to be revived behind enemy lines. 

This guide will go over basic tips and information to help you excel on the battlefield.

Interceptor Javelin Mobility

Triple Jump – This is a MUST when playing the Interceptor. You are able to chain three jump animations that result in covering long distances. You can do this in different directions (each jump independent of the other). Triple jumping is your main avenue of escape without needing to use flight or dashing. You can chain jumps before or after triple dashes which allow you to cover even more distance without using your flight.  NOTE: Jumping while sprinting covers more ground than it would without your sprint toggled.

Tip: Using your jumps during flight combined with dashing can help conserve your flight stamina. Your jump charges are stored while flying.

Triple Dash – Much like your triple jump, you can chain three consecutive dashes in a very short amount of time. These dashes cover a much shorter distance than triple jumping and is primarily used to get behind enemies during animations. Use triple dashes to get to an enemy weak spot or quickly hide behind “LOS” (Line of Sight).

Tip: Don’t always use triple dashes when a single dash will suffice. Knowing when you need to utilize all three charges will help with positioning. Note: You will need to recharge after a single dash just like you would if you used three dashes. Use dashing to avoid enemy fire and pay attention to audio queues for incoming missiles. 

Barrel Roll – While flying, using your evade (dash button) allows you to perform an aerial maneuver. This allows you to dodge incoming fire and missiles while flying. Pay attention to audio queues to correctly time your evade key.

Interceptor Javelin Melee Ability

Use your daggers to inflict damage to enemies. Your melee is the primary way to sustain DPS during your ability cooldowns. Note: Your melee also helps detonate combos on primed targets. 

Assault Systems

Venom Bomb – Tosses a grenade which hits all nearby enemies with acid. (Good for multiple grouped enemies at a medium distance) primer

Cryo Glaive – Locks on to up to two nearby targets and freezes on impact. (Good for solo play or without a Storm teammate. Also good for locking down higher health targets) primer

Spark Dash – Dashes forward, leaving a trail of electrical energy. (Can be used to dash to enemies floating above) detonator

Searching Glaive – Throws out a homing glaive. (easy to use and long range)

Cluster Mine – Throws out a group of mines onto a targeted area (good for areas in which enemies will spawn and move through)

Strike Systems

Venom Spray – Sprays out corrosive acid that damages all enemies hit. (Good for multiple grouped enemies at close range) primer

Detonating Strike – A melee strike that charges an enemy with electric energy. If killed while charged, the enemy will explode dealing damage around them. (Potential for AoE damage)

Plasma Star – Tosses a plasma-empowered shuriken at a single target, effective at long range.  (multiple charges and good against armor / weak spots)

Wraith Strike – Sends out a projection of the Interceptor to attack enemies. (Can be used against enemies in the air)

Tempest Strike – A melee strike that deals high physical damage. (Basic melee with high damage) detonator

Support Systems

Rally Cry – Clears harmful status effects from the entire team. (useful for instances where team is constantly hit with crowd control)

Target Beacon – Marks a single enemy, which then takes increased damage. If the target dies, the beacon leaps to another target. (Solid for group DPS increases throughout)

Primers and Detonators – The interceptor currently has 4 primer abilities and 2 detonator abilities plus melee. Primers apply a status effect to an enemy. When an enemy is primed, using a “detonator” creates a combo with increased damage to a target and in the case of the interceptor… a unique Aura.

Primers include: Venom Bomb (Acid primer), Cryo Glaive (Frost / Ice primer), Detonating Strike (Electric primer), Venom Spray (Acid primer)

Detonators include: Spark Dash and Tempest strike. NOTE: Your dagger melee attacks also act as a “detonator” and can be used to combo off primed targets.

Interceptor Combo Bonus: Aura: grants you an Aura that spreads the elemental effect to nearby enemies during the Aura duration.

Ultimate Ability

The Interceptor Ultimate can be used as both an offensive and defensive ability. When using your ultimate, you become invincible and recover full health and shields. You deal increased damage and leave behind ghost forms of yourself when attacking enemies. It is important to note that you cannot fly during your ultimate and you can toggle off your ultimate mode at any time.

You can utilize your ultimate to save yourself or your downed teammates during the ultimate window (revive teammates while you are immune to damage)


Weapons will be largely a personal preference. There are distinct play style differences such as close range (fast reload) weapons vs long range (higher damage / slower reload) weapons. Finding a good balance between weapon range / damage and your loadout will be key.

I would suggest at least one long range weapon for instances in which you are not able to get close to a specific mob, or if your group is stacking in group buffs. This is also helpful in the case in which you need to escape, you can safely shoot while you recover health and shields. (note moving greatly increases shield regen rate).

Overall Thoughts

The great thing about Anthem is the variety of content you will face and what you have at your disposal to build a loadout. I truly believe there will be MANY different play styles that can be just as effective as the next. Some players will gravitate towards certain abilities over others which is great. I prefer to have a ranged setup with abilities to have a balanced option in combat knowing I will be able to hit enemies at both close and long range. This will depend on the type of content of course as it would most likely change depending on the expedition, free play or stronghold. I also believe crafting all abilities and using them ALL will be your best bet in the long run. That way, you will be able to cycle through different loadouts based off of specific stronghold strategies or tactics. There might be instances in which a pure melee set up gets you killed, or a long range set up becomes a DPS loss because of the amount of “safe” uptime you get on a specific boss. It will all depend on the content at hand which makes using different builds exciting.

I hope this helps and I hope you have a blast as an interceptor on the battlefield. Remember to keep moving, keep your shields recharging and pick your windows to attack and evade.

Basic Interceptor Movement Guide Video