Conviction has been released today on 14 February, a short live-action film based on Anthem. The film is directed by Academy Award nominee Neill Blomkamp.

EA has announced that it has worked with director Neill Blomkamp on a short live-action film based on Anthem’s story. The film, called Conviction, brings the world of Anthem to life and takes place decades before the events in the game.

In Conviction you can see the city of Fort Tarsis, together with the freelancers who live in it. These freelancers use the Javelin exosuits to compete against The Monitor, the head of the malicious Dominion.

Neill Blomkamp, ​​the director of Conviction, has also worked on the films District 9, Elysium and Chappie. He is known for his unique style of photorealistic effects, which merge with the real world. Blomkamp is enthusiastic about this project and says he is impressed by the world of Anthem. “Conviction is told in a way that shows the beautiful and compelling world of Anthem, a world that is ready to be explored by powerful Javelins.”

The short Anthem movie Conviction has appeared on the YouTube channel of Oats Studios. The video lasts 3:45 minutes in total. Blomkamp indicated on Twitter that he wanted to make something bigger based on Anthem if it was well received. Watch the video below