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Anthem Update 1.0.3

Jesse (@Darokaz) from the BioWare team posted an update with all updates coming to Anthem soon, including the date and time we can expect the new patch. The current plan is for patch 1.0.3 to go out between 7am and 9am Central Time on March 9th. Here are the updates...

Developer stream summary – 03/06/2019

Posted by Reddit user naamtar123 Stream can be found here (note: everything on stream is done with the new update we'll be receiving on the 12th): Summary of the developer stream in order of discussion: Next patch will have a lot...

Anthem Endgame Loot Guide: How to perfect your build in hours

Posted by u/VSParagon This is a guide to help you get the drops you want as fast as possible. Before I begin I will mention one step that you should take immediately, start saving gear for a +Harvest set. I have over 100 hours played and have experimented with all the...

What is AGC?

The main focus of the server is to provide a place where all you Freelancers can come together to discuss the game and ofcourse in the future, find someone to play with on your own platform. We support PC, PS4 & XBOX One!

The World of Anthem

What is the Anthem of Creation? Who are the Freelancers and what is going on in the world of Anthem? Jump into the forums and start talking!